Looking for a private piano teacher?

Piano Lessons in Sapporo (Solfege lessons are also available)

Everybody can take lessons - from beginners to experienced individuals, and depending on whether it's hobby or you want to be able to perform like a professional, the difficulty of the classes can be adjusted.

Lessons are available in Japanese, English and Hungarian.

🎼Lesson schedule

There are some courses on Monday - Saturday.

4000yen ~ / month (2 lessons / month, 24 lessons / year)

6000yen ~ / month (3-4 lessons / month, 42 lessons / year)

There are no classes on national holidays, during summer break, Christmas holiday and the New Year's holiday.

*Schedules can be readjusted to meet the student's preferences.

🎼Performing opportunities

Students concert will be once a year, would be nice to play. However participation is not mandatory.


5 min. by walk from Subway 'HOROHIRABASHI' station, or ' tram SEISYU GAKUEN MAE' staion.